About Me

Graduating from American University in May 2014, Jacqueline Cassell earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Communications with a minor in Marketing, and in the five years since then, she has built a public profile for herself in the music world, combining her business acumen with her intense passion for music. Although she never trained formally in music, she began learning how to play percussion instruments when she was only 14 years old, posting videos of her performances to YouTube and accruing more than 7 million views and 28,000 subscribers – in addition to a 7,000-strong following on Twitter.


For two years, Jacqueline played an important role in a successful start-up organization. She took on a wide variety of responsibilities, including many that were customer-facing. As a leader within the organization, she managed a 15-employee customer service team working around the clock. This work was deeply fulfilling for her, instilling habits that she could carry on into the rest of her career and affording her valuable insight into what it takes for start-up organizations to thrive.


An independent spirit, Jacqueline started to professionally build websites in 2016, offering her services as a freelancer in both graphic design and web design – both areas that come naturally to her because of the artistic sensibilities that she honed over the course of her music career. She is someone who thinks creatively with ease, spotting details and openings to express herself and to thrill through innovation. Gifted with an ear for rhythm, she has proven herself exceptionally capable of thinking on her toes and seeing useful patterns in the business world.

In 2019, Jacqueline partnered with her family business – Cassell Global Investments – in order to offer assistance in their work throughout the real estate and property sector in Nashville. Through Cassell Global Investments, she most recently invested in Rabbit, a power solutions company scheduled to launch in September 2019. She will take on the role of VP of Client Relations at Rabbit, putting into practice all that she has learned with regards to customer service and start-up strategy.

Jacqueline continues to pursue music as a hobby. She is currently working on a side project, “Castle,” in which she showcases her newly discovered vocal hobby. As a drummer, she prefers SJC Custom Drums, Vater Percussion USA, and Meinl Cymbals, and she cites Aaron Spears, Cora Coleman, and Mike Johnston as major influences in her development as a musician. Another one of her favorite pastimes is eating out at some of Nashville’s hidden-secret restaurants, including those in The Gulch and 12 South areas. Living in Nashville since 2014, today she is proud to call the city home.

Jacqueline does a great deal of work with her church, The Belonging Co., serving in local outreach programs. In all that she does, she strives to impact others’ lives positively, helping to make the world a better place.


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