About Jacqueline Cassell

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 Despite not having any kind of a past musical background or any formal training in the field, at 14 years old, Florida native, Jacqueline Cassell displayed an exceptional sense of rhythm and attraction towards percussion, specifically drums. Inspired by other well known drummers of the current time, Jacqueline decided to start recording her own drum covers shortly after taking only a few lessons. She decided to post them to the popular video hosting website, Youtube. Jacqueline was one of the first few female drummers to make an impact and quickly began to catch viewers’ attention. Over six years of hard work and dedication, to this date Jacqueline’s Youtube channel has received well over 7 million views, and continues to rapidly grow.

…and drumming isn’t her only current project. Jacqueline runs her own entertainment blog called ‘Entertwine.’ The blog, which launched October of 2013, was an idea sparked by Jacqueline’s desire to showcase others’ talents beside her own. Jacqueline expressed that, “…this blog was a desire for me to share with others’ all of the unnoticed talent there is out there, with a few high profile artists featured here and there.” The blog allows any and all artists to request interviews and or personal features on the site. The goal of the blog besides showcasing talents, is to bring different aspects of the entertainment community together within all of the different channels it exists.

Jacqueline has played with a few rock/pop groups to date, and currently works with multiple companies (listed below). Upon graduating from American University in May of 2014, Jacqueline will be actively seeking work within the industry & will be for hire. For inquiries, please visit our contact page.

Companies Jacqueline Works With:

SJC Custom Drums

Vater Percussion USA

Meinl Cymbals