About Jacqueline Cassell

Despite not coming from a musical background or having any formal training in the field, at 14 years old, Florida native Jacqueline Cassell began to display an exceptional sense of rhythm and keen attraction towards percussion instruments, specifically the drums. Inspired by respected and well-known drummers of the current day such as Aaron Spears, Cora Coleman, and Mike Johnston, Jacqueline decided to start recording her own drum covers after taking only a few lessons in 2006. She posted these videos to Youtube, and as one of YouTube’s first few female drummers began to catch the attention of viewers worldwide. With over eight years of hard work and dedication towards this particular project, Jacqueline’s Youtube channel has received 7+ million views, over 28,000 subscribers and 13,000 twitter followers. “To me it’s not about the numbers, of course the numbers have gotten me where I am today, but it’s more about the impact I have hopefully made for my viewers – THATS what matters.”15p3-1-153

Drumming isn’t Jacqueline’s only project, though; Jacqueline runs her own entertainment blog called ‘Entertwine’. The blog, which launched in October of 2013, came from an idea sparked by Jacqueline’s desire to showcase the talents of others. Jacqueline expresses that “the purpose of Entertwine is to share with others unknown or under-appreciated talent while also featuring a high-profile artists from time-to-time”. The blog encourages artists to request interviews and or personal features on the site. The goal of Entertwine, besides showcasing talent, is to bring different aspects of the entertainment community together, all within the different channels it exists. In May 2014, Jacqueline graduated from American University (Washington, D.C.) with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Communications/Marketing.

Jacqueline currently lives in the Nashville downtown area and is actively seeking work within the industry. To get in touch with Jacqueline, please use the contact page.

Jacqueline Proudly Plays:

SJC Custom Drums

Vater Percussion USA

Meinl Cymbals