Equipment/Kit Info

DRUM KIT (SJC Custom Drums)

Current Kit:

Zebrawood Veneer with a diagonal purple oyster inlay lined with a silver sparkle stripe. jackiecassell_kit2014 (1 of 1)Brass hardware, mini tube lugs (in-line), wood SJC badges, custom DOVE wood logo badge on top of kick drum, LED’s in kick, custom logo on kick head.

DoveSnareSizes: 7×10, 8×12, 14×16, 18×20

2ndSnareCurrent Snare (Below): This snare is my all time favorite, and it was so fun to design! Signature JC Dove Logo Snare. Zebrawood Veneer, Tube Lugs, Brass Hardware. 10 ply, 13×8.



Previous Kit (Pictured Below): Silver Glitter (Previously With Fluorescent Stars), 50% Offset Tube Lugs, Gauger Mounts, Chop Block. The sizes of this kit are: 20×20, 12×8, 16×14.




Previous Snares (Both Pictured Below): Here are details on the two snares I had before the one I currently own. I miss them a lot!

My first SJC snare ever was this one! Pink Glitter, Name Badge, Mini Tube Lugs. 10ply, 12×8.

Custom Artwork Over Silver Glitter, Single Tube Lugs, Yamaha Style Wood Hoops. 10ply, 14×7.



Miscellaneous Information:


Snare: Remo Black Suede Emperor, Toms: Evans EC2, Kick: Evans EMAD2.

CYMBALS (Meinl Cymbals)

14” Byzance Extra Dry Hats, 18″ Byzance Vintage Sand Crash, 22″ Transition Ride, 20″ Byzance Hammered Extra Thin Crash.


Kick: DWCP2000, HiHat: DW 3000, All Other Stands Are Mixed DW/PDP Hardware.


3 Shure 98DS  (Snare & Toms), 1 Shure Beta 52a (Kick), 2 Shure SM57’s (Overhead).


Tascam 1641 Interface (USB), Recorded & Mixed in Garageband (For Mac), All Video Edited in Final Cut Pro X.

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